Well, hello there…

It’s been awhile and I feel like I’ve begun every post I’ve written in the last year with some version of that.

Anyhoo, there have been many changes in the last few months. The biggest one? I’ve been happy and it’s about fucking time.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been quite chaotic, but I feel like I’m finally back again.

One of the biggest contributions to my lift in spirits was my new promotion at work. Pretty much working full time has helped my financial troubles, forced me out of bed and social.   Having some sort of routine has proven to be quite helpful in trying to crawl out of my personal downward spiral. Now, I covet every minute I’m not working and am amazed at how fast 9 hours can whiz by while at work.

I commute into the city for my new job now and the change of pace has been really good. I think I was feeling really stuck and living and working in the suburbs didn’t help. Although I’m not a fan of the 35-60 minute drive (depending on traffic), the upbeat pace of the city has really lifted my spirits. Oh! And I have to say, Pandora has really saved my life during those long commutes.

Well, I hope you are well and I’ll be back soon. XO


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